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The Internet of Things and Social Media

posted: 2015-04-06 |

Over the past two decades, the world has experienced explosive growth in internet usage and, more specifically, in the past decade, social media usage. This growth and utilization is projected to c... continue reading

What Does It All Mean?

posted: 2014-12-31 |

Social media has the potential to shrink the world to levels only dreamed about by great science fiction novelists and their fans. The industry has been and continues to be a growth industry. While... continue reading

How Might One Approach This Market?

posted: 2014-12-26 |

Because the industry is still growing, evolving, and adapting, there are many ways to approach or enter it. To quote a very successful classic rock band's highly applicable lyrics, "You've got to b... continue reading

Social Media Industry Assessment

posted: 2014-12-25 |

The projections presented here are based on a combination of historic figures and short term predictions by research firms. Using a continue reading

The Trends and Drivers of Change

posted: 2014-12-24 |

The utilization of the social media industry has been driven by three primary components: a continuous need for social connectivity by individuals for personal and professional purposes; the busine... continue reading

External Influences on Social Media Part II

posted: 2014-12-23 |

In this section we continue our look at the external influences on social media. We have discussed a few examples of how politics and society influence social media. Here we cover the remaing three... continue reading

External Influences on Social Media Part I

posted: 2014-12-22 |

There are five high-level categories of external influences that the social media industry has: politics, economics, society, competition, and technology. What you will notice is that these are bi-... continue reading

Marketers Be Marketing

posted: 2014-09-11 |

The marketing landscape has evolved dramatically with advent of search engines and even more so with social media. Traditionally, attention was purchased through advertisements presented across cha... continue reading

Everybody Consumes, But Users and Customers Vary

posted: 2014-09-10 |

A large number of people that use social networking sites mistakenly believe that they are those companies' customers. Unfortunately, reality differs from those perceptions. The SNS end-users are a... continue reading

Social Media Market Leaders: Facebook

posted: 2014-08-29 |

Here, we focus on the social media market leader, especially in terms of market share. Securing its place at the top by offering its end-users with valuable social connectivity, informatio... continue reading

Social Media Market Leaders: Twitter

posted: 2014-08-28 |

In this second part of our Market Leaders series, we look at the worlds leading micro-blogging, social media website, Twitter. The ease and convenience it has provided in online communication has t... continue reading

Social Media Market Leaders: LinkedIn

posted: 2014-08-27 |

We put the three top players, in terms of revenue within the social media industry, under a microscope. These companies are absolute behemoths and their stories can be made into full length feature... continue reading

A Quantification of the Social Media Industry

posted: 2014-08-25 |

According to an industry research firm, the social media industry has estimated revenues of $8.6 billion as of mid-2014. It has seen just over 36% annual growth since 2009 and is projected to conti... continue reading

A Brief History of the Social Media World

posted: 2014-08-22 |

In the beginning, there was no light. Wait, no, that's not it. There are theories that try to explain what existed before the big bang. Nope, that's not it either... A long time ago in a galaxy far... continue reading

The Ingredients That Make Social Media Delicious

posted: 2014-08-20 |

Social media consists of a web-based service called a social networking site (SNSs), which display information created by individuals and organizations for the purpose of sharing and building aware... continue reading

Social Media Mastery: The Introduction

posted: 2014-08-18 |

Over the past few years, I've been obsessing over the social media industry - how to navigate it, its impacts, its causes, and so on. Based on a recent project, I decided to put together an extensi... continue reading