About Me and grebnirG.com

Hi, Im Steven Grinberg and this is my website; welcome! I am a Brooklyn, NY native and have many hobbies, interests, and passions, some of which are often times helpful to people in relation to their business lives. Im a techie and a marketing professional and my focus over the past few years has been on Social Media and data analytics. This site is a reflection of that focus.

Before diving into the world of tech, my first career was as a professional chef and I worked at several fine dining establishments in NYC after graduating culinary school. This was where I learned discipline, teamwork, and responsibility. My time in the culinary industry was not very long, spending only five years there, but the love of the art remains within me to this day.

While this website will focus on things related to technology, there might be the occasional bits about cooking, travel, or other random thoughts, such as my discontent with apostophes or my dedication to the oxford comma. You are welcome to use any information belonging to this site at your own risk, but must ask original owners permission to use anything this site links to or cites or that is owned or stored externally. If you do use any of grebnirG's information, I would appreciate it if you would please let me know and link back to this site. There are several million ways to get in touch with me, please just stick to any of these particular ones: